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view from cliff top

The village of Billen Cliffs offers a peaceful place to live. In addition to your own property you share ownership in:

• 200+ acres of natural habitat common lands

• Abundant regenerating bush and wildlife

• Social Space Community Centre & Cafe
(can be hired for private functions through EC, free for community events/meetings w 7 days notice)

• Arts and Crafts Building
(commercial leases available – mains power, EC meeting room and office)

• Community Hall

Billen Hall solar project

• Bus shelter

• Quarry

• Private cemetery

• Backhoe for internal roadwork

• 4WD fire truck and fire shed

• Numerous dams and billabongs

• 9km of internal roads


Local Area

The nearest General Stores are at Cawongla and Wadeville.

Cawongla Playhouse
Primary Schools:
Larnook – 4 km
Barker’s Vale – 12km
Rainbow Ridge Steiner School – 15km
Secondary Schools: Several High Schools in Lismore
University/ Tertiary: Southern Cross University, Lismore.
TAFE: Lismore

The above educational facilities are served by the buses that come right to the community bus shelter at the front gate.

Buses and transport

* Be aware of bus times when driving in and out. They take up most of the road and several accidents have happened on Martin Road.

To Lismore, mornings:
High school 7.45am

Primary School: 9.00am

To Nimbin: 8.20am

To Lismore, afternoons: 3.40pm or 4.20pm

Bruce Buses phone 6621 6559 - buses may not run school holidays.

Car pooling and ride sharing are encouraged.


Village meetings

As well as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and regular EC meetings it is possible to hold village or community meetings. Such meetings are usually informal and unofficial but serve to allow the community to get together and discuss issues and maintain communication. They are a platform for group discussion on community projects, solutions and improvement.
As village meetings are independent of the EC they can be called by any resident for any time or place. The social space is available as a venue at no cost provided at least 7 days notice of meeting is given on the blackboards. Writing notice of a meeting on a blackboard ahead of time will allow more residents to know about the meeting and have more opportunity to attend.


Billen benefits from the efforts of a number of enthusiasts who meet weekly to reclaim commons from lantana and other virulent weeds, plant trees and generally keep the common property tidy and under control.

The NSW North Coast Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee publish a Noxious Weeds Guide and weed identification publications are distributed by Lismore City Council. Both are useful in identifying what’s what on your block and what to give the chop.

Watch the chalkboards for tree plantings and other Landcare activities you can get involved in...

Rocks and roads

The Rocks Committee is a subcommittee delegated the responsibility for road maintainence and improvement.
The organisation of roadworks is the responsibility of the residents of each of six 'hamlet' subdivisions within the community, funded by the general community revenue. Limited gravel is available from our own quarry for private use.

Any building and excavation must be approved by the EC. Steep slopes and land close to watercourses must be treated with great care.


Fire awareness

Always inform the Billen fire chief and write messages on blackboards for neighbours prior to any burning off or campfires, and observe total fire bans.
The threat of bushfire is very real and Billen Cliffs Village has its own internal fire brigade which is funded by the community and is a sub-branch of the Larnook Rural Fire Service brigade.
All Billen fire people are RFS involved and we are well equipped with a fire shed, hydrants and a Nissan 4WD fire truck with a 650 litre tank and other fire fighting equipment.
There are a number of regularly slashed fire trails around the Billen. Make sure you have an escape route planned in event of a bushfire.

Further useful information for protecting your property from bushfire can be found on the internet at www.bushfire.nsw.gov.au or phone the RFS Information Hotline on 1800 654 443.

If you see or have a fire out of control, the Billen warning system is three honks on your car horn, sounded repeatedly. This will draw someones attention if you cannot contact the fire chief or call 000.


Storms and flood

Be aware that after extended heavy rains the Martin Road bridge can flood and become impassable by car.

Culverts near the A&C and Social Space can also overflow during these very inconvenient weather events.

We've been known to have hail as well...

Make sure you have the SES number handy by the phone.






Surrounding region

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