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Billen bushland In 1982 Billen Cliffs Pty Ltd was formed by a group of people sharing a common interest in rural lifestyles, affordable innovative housing and land regeneration. Billen Cliffs became Strata Title in 1990.

The Village of Billen Cliffs stretches over 800 acres at the western rim of the great Caldera of Mt. Warning, surrounded by world heritage areas, national parks and state forests – nestled on the North Western slopes of Mount Billen between the villages of Larnook and Cawongla on the Rock Valley road, found on the map at the hub of the towns of Lismore, Kyogle and Murwillumbah in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia.

From the bare paddocks of 1982, Billen Cliffs now sprouts many beautiful dwellings with gardens and lush vegetation, providing a refuge for an abundance of wildlife as well as home to many families of humans.

There are a number of important by-laws adopted by the community to reflect the spirit in which the community has been established and maintained. To protect wildlife, a by-law was approved by the community in 1992 prohibiting dogs and cats (although those already present were allowed to stay). Other by-laws prohibit firearms and agricultural poisons, enforce a speed limit and restrict disturbances from neighbours.

Billen Cliffs Village residents have a wide variety of skills and talents: permaculture, carpentry, solar electrics, artists, musicians and craftspeople, stand up poets, massage, various healing modalities and the unemployed. We are all different, diverse and valuable members of Billen whose input is valued and appreciated. Billen Cliffs Village is a growing, sustainable, evolving, self-governing community.

Most residences on Billen Cliffs operate on sustainable power systems, predominantly solar power. Not all blocks have dwellings as yet.

Two possible meanings of “Billen” have been given by local Aboriginal people: “flat top mountain” and “the place where the parrot landed”.

Billen Cliffs villagers acknowledge that we are custodians of the traditional country of the Widyabal Bundjalung people.


Billen Cliffs Village land comprises of:

115 individually titled 2 acre lots: 230 acres

Hamlet common areas: 200 acres

Community ‘commercial’ area: 20 acres

Reafforestation & conservation areas: 300 acres


CLICK HERE for info on the Billen Hall solar project